fri-YAY! - heART story LONDON, UK

i spent a friday afternoon with the cole family in london a couple of weeks ago.  work and school were over for the week and it was time to let loose a bit and then head to the neighborhood pub for fish and chips.  i've watched this lovely family grow over the years via mine, but we had never met in person.  it was a special moment to so these children in person after watching them grow up online.  so special to make some photographs for them.

easy like sunday morning - heART story EDINA, MN

jammies, bacon and bedhead...i love showing up to my client's homes bright and early on the weekends.  everybody is a little bit more snuggly...a little more relaxed.  there is not a lot of time to get 'composed' and in character which can be tempting when a photographer is about to show up at your house.  i'm so grateful for the trust of my clients....thank you for giving me a chance to show you that your lives are beautiful and artful just the way they are.  family photography has come so far from the days of JCPenney primped and posed portraits that years later are loved more as a dated tchochkes that said, 'this is what we looked like (sort of) and we are all smiling.'  that's pretty much it.  i want my family portraits to say, 'this was US,' i want them to feel that same connection 50 years later.  together we are creating an emotional record of a moment in time...and it's a wonderful thing <3.

green hair, don't care - heART story HUDSON, WI

i was having a chat with gretchen a couple of weeks before i came out to their home in wisconsin to shoot her family's heART story...and one of the first things she told me was that her daughter had green hair from swimming all summer.  we laughed about it and decided it was a sign of a summer well spent:  pool, sun & fun.  so that was the theme of their shoot...that and a lot of love...their connection is beautiful.  i'm so grateful i got to spend the evening with them.

rain shmaim - lifestyle photography session

i loved this day in the rain at lake harriet with the lunneborg family.  normally i don't love when it rains during my sessions, but the finicky skies led to an unexpected stop for french fries, beer and ice, yes please!  needless to say, any stress over the weather was soon forgotten and then we got the sillies and it was perfect.  they were perfectly together...and that's the whole point <3.

ps. brooke is my amazing graphic designer (super talented & lovely human being).  check out her work here:

heart marks the spot - heART story MINNEAPOLIS, MN

i have been photographing heART stories for a couple of years now and i all i can say is that over time, i love them more and more.  this continues to be the work i cherish making for my clients the most.  it's an honor to be allowed into the heart of a witness and capture a family's love and connection behind closed doors is something i hold truly dear to my own heart.  thank you for letting me in...your love is beautiful.

little things matter - heART story MINNEAPOLIS, MN

the older i get, the more i realize that no moment is insignificant...and there is beauty in all of them if we choose to see it. there is so much noise coming at us in every direction...and we can miss the little things if we aren't careful.  we can miss how beautiful our lives are while we are actually living them. 

you, me, us. - heART story DALLAS, TX

this family is pretty special, i so enjoyed my time with them.  we created this heART story together over the course of 2 days or so.   kelly and i met online during the adoption process of our oldest daughters years ago and i was so happy when she invited me to dallas to photograph her family.  dean fed me like a queen and i just got to hang around and take pictures of happy people loving on each other.  maybe i love this type of work the most because i'm the ultimate wallflower...or maybe it's just because this is what feels natural.  yes, it feels natural for me to be sitting in someone's bedroom photographing them waking up in the me crazy :).  but i cuddle in bed with my own children on lazy weekend i know what those moments mean, and what it means to remember them <3.

i heart you forever - heART story DURHAM, NC

a weekend in durham at home and around town with good, sweet friends and their girls.  emily and i met when we were adopting our first children from vietnam years ago...and here we are now with 4 girls between us.  i'm so grateful to call her a friend and to have traveled the road to motherhood with her by my side!